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Industry, Energy and Research (ITRE)

The question of the digital European infrastructure:

What European measures are necessary to achieve a solid and secure digital infrastructure that enhances forms of cross-border traffic and communication collaboration and information exchange while respecting national security and established privacy rights? 

Dear Delegates of the Committee on Industry, Energy and Research, 

The question of digital European infrastructure and what measures have to be taken in order to enhance information exchange while respecting national security and established privacy rights will be our central topic during this MEP session.

The links provided below will help you with the preparation, giving you an insight into the mentioned topic and helping you to form your own opinion about the discussed problems and difficulties that have to be faced. We strongly encourage you to read through the material carefully and extensively with the objective of getting a general overview on the topic’s central points, as you will have to be able to lead discussions and come up with arguments during our committee meetings. 

We would further advise to do research on your own and gather as much information as you can. If any questions should come up, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you!

On behalf of your Committee Chairing Team,

Severyn Omelyan (W), Committee President (omelse12@gmail.com)

Max Unger (W), CoCP

Victor Bervoets (W), CP Sec

Nicole Scherf (W), CP/SMO

Alexandra Hermann (W), CIE


A short introduction into the importance and effects of digitization in general:

About the current state of and possible strategies for digital infrastructure in Europe:

The aspect of cyber security:

Data privacy and the use of it:

To give you an insight into the power of Big Data: