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Committees & Issues

1 Committee on Employment and Social Affairs  (EMPL)

Free movement is an essential part of the single market and a fundamental right in the EU.

How can mobility of employment seeking young EU citizens be promoted? Should they be included in the same national employment schemes as job seeking locals? Should they be entitled to the same allowances and social benefits as young citizens of that country? How can mobility measures counteract large scale youth unemployment in Europe without draining the social system of another EU country?

2 Committee on Culture and Education (CULT)

The question of new skills and competitive markets:

How can European secondary educational systems contribute to the acquisition of new skills to keep EU competitive in globalised markets?

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE)

The question of media accountability:

Recent calls have been made towards a more regulated press, following allegations of media privacy invasion and phone hacking, fake news, and even accusations of corporate interests and lobbyists manipulating headlines, public opinion and elections. How should European countries ensure the media is able to fulfil its regulatory purpose in comprehensively, accurately and objectively informing the general public?

Committee on Industry, Energy and Research (ITRE)

The question of the digital European infrastructure:

What European measures are necessary to achieve a solid and secure digital infrastructure that enhances forms of cross-border traffic and communication collaboration and information exchange while respecting national security and established privacy rights?