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Committees & Issues - MEP Tirol 2019

Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

The question of smart growth in small towns and rural communities:

Many rural communities and small towns are facing challenges: a declining rural population, loss of study and workplaces, budget means and at the same time rapid growth of metropolitan areas. What strategies can be used to protect and preserve the environment and at the same time create growth and development?

Preparation: ENVI Fact File, ENVI Prep Module

Committee on Culture and Education (CULT)

The question of empowerment of the civil society and active participation:

Across Europe there are divisions between groups based on age, race, gender and faith. How might these divisions be overcome, and in what ways can particularly young people be educated to become active citizens and have more say in the solution and decision-making processes in their societies and in the EU heading towards the European elections in 2019?

Preparation: CULT Fact File, CULT Prep Module

Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL)

The question of youth unemployment:

Today many EU member states are faced with youth unemployment. About 22% of all 15- to 25-year-old EU citizens are so-called `NEETs´, resulting in numerous social and economic issues.

How can the EU support their integration into the labour market, thus reducing the associated financial and social knock-on effects? Which initiatives can be taken to allow the young workforce to become an active and contributing part of the labour market and European society?

Preparation: EMPL Fact File, EMPL Prep Module

4 Committee on Industry Research and Energy (ITRE)

The question of innovation, industrial automation, and digitization:

In times of increasing technological developments, the necessity of innovation has become an essential component of industrialized economic systems to increase international competitiveness and foster economic growth. Innovation offers numerous advantages to society; simultaneously, digitization and automation offer opportunities but also pose a threat to the economy.

Which measures can be taken by the European Union to expand its role in the global market of innovation and technological breakthrough? How can this strive for innovation meet the changing demands on the labour market?

Preparation: ITRE Fact File, ITRE Prep Module