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Committees & Issues - MEP NÖ 2024

Committee on Culture and Education (CULT/AIDA)

The question of implementing Artificial Intelligence in Education

With the large strides AI technology is taking, the question of its implementation in the field of education arises. How can the EU guarantee the safe, yet effective use of this cutting-edge technology to enhance educational methods? What measures must be taken to prevent the misapplication of AI in education?

Preparation: Fact File, Prep Module

Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE)

The question of the EU as a manufacturer of electromobile innovation

The EU has outlined an ambitious timeplan to move away from conventional combustion engine vehicles. How can the EU ensure a smooth but effective transition of factories and manufacturing methods in order to give incentives for sustainable change in Europe and prevent automobile manufacturers from moving production outside of the EU? 

Preparation: Fact File, Prep Module

3 Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO)

The question of a more stable and independent energy market

Considering the recent volatility in the world energy market, it is clear that the EU needs to find a more independent way of satisfying the ever-growing energy needs of its citizens and industries. How can this be achieved while following the EU sustainability goals? Is nuclear an option?

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4 Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM)

The question of reducing gender bias and modernizing the workspace: 

Professionals for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are in great demand. Men working in traditionally male-dominated fields like STEM still greatly outnumber women. As these scientific fields become increasingly more important with regards to digitalization, development, healthcare etc. What measures should the EU take to simultaneously promote gender equality in male dominated fields and modernize the workspace? How can gender bias be reduced in the job market?

Preparation: Fact File, Prep Module