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Committees & Issues

1 Committee on Environment, Research and Industry

The question of

how EU countries can secure sustainable energy supplies and independence from foreign fossil fuels imports. Working towards a decarbonised European economy whilst trying to maintain global competitiveness, which reforms and policies should the EU pursue in order to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

2 Committee on Public Health and Food Safety

The question of juvenile health:

Should the EU play a role in protecting juveniles from alcohol and drugs abuse, smoking and unhealthy eating habits? If so, how should EU regulation relate to national regulation in this field? How can the member states of the EU cooperate to safeguard the health of young people against mental stress, alcohol abuse, smoking and poor levels of nutrition? What role can schools and educational programmes play?

3 Committee on Culture and Education

The question relating to the modernisation of higher education

The EU maintains a commitment to improving the education of young people and encouraging social mobility. What can the EU do to ensure that education and mobility of young people is indeed improved? Should there be an EU-wide education policy to ensure the same standards in education and skills for those wishing to work within the EU?

4 Committee on Regional Development

The question of the role of cities and urban areas in managing cohesion policy funds in meeting the objectives of Europe 2020:

Since more than two-thirds of European citizens live in cities, urban areas can play a leading role in intelligent growth. How can their role be strengthened in developing and implementing social, environmental and youth empowerment policies which will contribute to achieving the objectives of the EU 2020 strategy; and how can cities with innovative ideas and concepts be supported in the field of urban development.